Live Review: Crimes in Egypt at Theatre Royal Winchester

The multi-award winning theatre company, New Old Friends, made a return to the Theatre Royal Winchester last night (Tuesday 19th October) with their amazing thriller ‘Crimes in Egypt’ and what a show it was! By Jodie Pfisterer.

This thriller inspired by Agatha Christie was definitely a show not to be missed.


A thriller storyline that has people hooked from the beginning, full of mystery and humour scenes to make everyone laugh!

‘Crimes in Egypt’ is played by just four actors who play each character in their own unique way.

It’s 1935 and their journey starts by boarding the ship to Egypt, with all passengers having high hopes of enjoying a well deserved holiday.

One of the passengers aboard the ship is a well known detective whom is simply there on a break from reality… but where a detective goes, a crime will more and likely always follow.

After sailing along the ocean, with lots of twists and turns along the way. A murder takes place, and all staff and passengers aboard are suspects.

Will detective Arinae solve the case this time?

Head over to ‘New Old Friends’ website, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to find out where they’re touring this show next!

You can catch ‘New Old Friends’ once again with  ‘Crimes Camera Action’ at Theatre Royal Winchester on 1st and 2nd March 2022, tickets can be found here.

All four actors were sure to keep the audience involved throughout the show. From asking them to cheer along, to speaking with them afterwards, they made sure to focus on who their audience were.

The show was well thought through and it had everything you’d want for your theatre experience. A show full of mystery and humour for all ages!

I’d like to thank all the staff & actors from last night for such a thrilling show and experience. We can’t wait to come back and watch more shows!