Live Review: Grease at Southampton’s Mayflower Theatre

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to watch and review Grease the musical – UK tour at the Mayflower Theatre in Southampton – by Jodie Pfisterer.
I was super excited to see this show, as Grease is one of my all time favourite films and it is such a well known musical across the UK. and wow!! it did not disappoint. Everyone was such brilliant actors/singers and played each individual part so well!
Grease is the classic 1950’s love story, where Danny and Sandy meet on a summer romance which ends up as Sandy moving back home and them thinking they’ll never see each other again…
However, later on that month, Sandy ends up staying in the town and joining the local high school where Danny is. But once they are brought back together, Danny was not the gentlemen who Sandy thought he was. Instead, he was the leader of a well known boy gang in the school and very well known.
Throughout the play they have their ups and downs, and you really get to know both Sandy & Danny and their friendship groups.
The cast were so well suited to the characters and they were all played so well. I particularly liked Kenickie and Frenchy, the pair played their part in the play so well and were casted perfectly.
All the actors sang beautifully and the musical added their own songs into the play as well as
the classics from the film! Which bought that unique effect to the musical.
If the show wasn’t full with great actors / singers already, they even had Peter Andre in the casting. Which of course got the audience blushing when he came on stage! He played the judge in the school dance contest and also played the guardian angel in the scene with Frenchy.
Peter Andre was also the DJ and narrator throughout the whole show so their was plenty of him to see while watching the amazing musical!!  (Peter Andre is only casted in certain performances… make sure to click the specific theatre you are going to and check before booking).
The set designed for the musical came together so well and really gives of that 1950’s vibe. They had everything you could think of and really all came together in every scene.
All the cast were full of talent and gave 100% to every second of the musical. They wanted the audience to enjoy and have a great time.
After the show they made sure to get the audience on their feet and went through the classic songs from the film. Making sure all the audience sang and danced with them. The whole theatre was involved and you could really see the smiles on everyone’s faces.
I’d like to thank all the cast in Grease the musical for an amazing performance and for giving the audience exactly what they needed after a terrible 20 months.
Thank you to Mayflower Theatre for the opportunity and we cannot wait to come back for more amazing shows!

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