Naked man arrested on his way to Eastleigh

Stephen Gough - the Naked Rambler

Stephen Gough - the Naked Rambler

Eastleigh’s most famous naked person, Stephen Gough aka ‘the Naked Rambler’ has been re-arrested while trying to make his back to the town to see his children following his latest release from prison on Tuesday.

Mr Gough a 53 year-old ex Royal Marine prefers not to wear clothes and advocates naturism as lifestyle choice.

Famously, he w alked from Land’s End to John O’Groats without clothing in 2003.

He repeated the trip in 2005 but while on a flight from Southampton Airport to Edinburgh to answer breach of peace charges collected during his marathon walk, he stripped off and was subsequently jailed.

Since then the former Chamberlayne Road resident has refused to wear clothes either in court or in prison and has spent the last six years in and out of jail in Scotland – the majority of the time in solitary confinement.

He was released from prison in Perth on Tuesday and set off, naked for Eastleigh but only got as far as Fife where he was arrested again yesterday (Friday July 20) on charges of breaching the peace  following a complaint to the Police from a member of the public.

Speaking to the BBC shortly before his arrest on Friday Mr Gough said:

“Society is supposed to believe in tolerance and freedom but you can’t have freedom unless you have tolerance”

Mr Gough is due to appear back in court at Perth on Monday.

On his last appearance there in 2010 he was warned he could face the rest of his life behind bars if he continued to refuse to wear clothes.



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