Outrage as Mail prints Lib Dem flyers

Publishers of pro- conservative newspaper The Daily Mail – which has been investigating alleged election overspending on leaflets by Chris Huhne – are now printing his leaflets for him.

Conservatives in Botley had been up in arms over the latest mail shot from Eastleigh Lib Dems, claiming that the four page full colour ‘newspaper’ styled flyer entitled ‘Botley Parish Voice’ has been deliberately designed to resemble a free Parish Council Magazine – even carrying the word FREE in the masthead.

However they were amazed on reading the imprint to discover it had been printed by Harmsworth Printing – whose parent company is the Daily Mail and General Trust – which also prints The Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday.

The leaflet carries the headline ‘Outrage’ and roundly attacks Conservative policies and coalition spending cuts on every single page.

Although the copy carries several pictures of Mr Huhne, he is not mentioned by name once.

The disgruntled Conservative activist who sent a copy of the leaflet to Eastleigh News explained:

“Mr Huhne is now toxic for most voters and we think he will need to find himself a safer seat.

Even the local Lib Dems are sick of him and want to see him replaced him by Sandi Toksvig.”

A suitable replacement?

Botley Parish Voice

Chris Huhne accused of lying over election expenses

Harmsworth Printing

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