Petrol panic pushes up prices

Passfield avenue total garage prices

Despite the panic driven petrol shortage subsiding last week some local garages are still charging a premium at the pumps. Eastleigh News has received an email from an angry local reader as follows:

Dear Sir,

I have attached a picture that has two shots in it. One taken last Monday, and one taken today, showing how those money grabbing French b*****ds at Total are ripping off motorist through their garage on Passfield Ave.

I have checked with the fuel retailers association and the cost of fuel has in fact gone down on a pence per barrel basis in the last two weeks, so how can Total be charging a 2p rise in 6 days is just plain ripping people off who are still buying more fuel in case of a strike!!


Any profiteering at your local garage? Lets name and shame them here!


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