Police close on Edmonds killer

Tesco ATM on Twyford Road - last known whereabouts of the prime suspect

Police hunting the killer of murdered widow Georgina Edmonds, said they found a “potentially significant” item yesterday after divers searched the river Itchen close to the scene of the murder.

The frail 77 year old had been tortured then stabbed to death by an intruder at her Brambridge Lane cottage two and a half years ago.

In addition to the search for a murder weapon several of the victim’s personal items are still unaccounted for including a black ‘Radley’ handbag

In January, the Police announced a breakthrough in the case after forensic scientists established a DNA profile of the murder suspect whom they believed either lived or had strong connections to the north Eastleigh area – which was also leafleted in an appeal for information.

Although the river and towpath had been previously searched soon after the murder, new information received as a result of the appeal has prompted a repeat of the operation.

In March, 120 local people were invited to attend DNA swabbing sessions at the Progressive Club on Twyford Road.

A £30,000 reward for information is still available.