Spectacular car crash on Derby Road

Car crash Derby Road Easlteigh 21 June

A car has been left badly damaged after the driver lost control of his vehicle and ended up crashing through a front garden fence in Derby Road, Eastleigh at about 2 pm this afternoon.

According to bystanders at the scene, the sliver coloured Vauxhall hatchback pulled into Derby Road from the direction of Barton Peveril College heading west, at the junction of Derby Road, Scot Road and Tennyson Road when it left the carriageway, mounted the kerb and tore up a swathe of turf.

The vehicle spun round 360 degrees crashing into a lamppost, then bouncing off another lamppost and tree before crashing through a garden fence before being stopped by a hedge – leaving the vehicle at right angles to the road.

Both Police and an ambulance crew attended the scene although none of the occupants were seriously hurt.

The car sustained damage to the side and rear and had a smashed windscreen.

Apart from the broken broken fencing one of the lampposts was severely damaged and left leaning at an angle.

The junction is quite a dangerous one , despite traffic calming measures such as pedestrian refuges traffic continues to speed down Derby Road – a popular rat run and the unconventional road layout at the junction often causes confusion as to priority.

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Pics by Matthew Myatt

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