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Independents say ‘We can beat Lib Dems’

Independent Party of Eastleigh Councillors

Eastleigh’s new political party have been celebrating the result of Barnsley by election. ‘The independent Party of Eastleigh Councillors’ have been encouraged by the success of the Barnsley Independent candidate, plain speaking, unemployed Tony Devoy. Although Labour managed to hold onto their seat, Mr. Devoy beat the Liberal Democrats pushing them into sixth place. See…

Ex Mayor hits out at Huhne

Dirty chris

A former mayor of Eastleigh, Glynn Davies-Dear, has told BBC Political Correspondent Peter Henley that Chris Huhne’s adultery with a campaign worker has made him ‘feel dirty’. Councillor Davis Dear was explaining his decision to quit the Lib Dems yesterday on the same day it was announced that Mr Huhne had divorced from wife Vicky…