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Independents ‘disappointed’ by Lib Dem ‘name calling’

Lou Parker Jones

The newly-elected Leader of Eastleigh’s Independent Group, Councillor Louise Parker-Jones, has said she is ‘disappointed’ by the Liberal Democrat Leader Vince Cable who branded her supporters as ‘nimbys’. Dr Cable made the comments following last week’s local elections when Eastleigh’s Liberal Democrats were returned to power with an increased majority but lost all three seats…

Vince Cable: ‘I’m certain Bishopstoke will come back’

cable pic

The Liberal Democrat leader Vince Cable has praised Eastleigh’s victorious Lib Dems for the ‘brave’ way they have stood up to ‘nimbys’ at a rally in Central Eastleigh. Despite an emphatic victory in Thursday local election, Independents in Bishopstoke unseated three sitting Lib Dems and the party has wasted no time in wheeling out a…