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Tories ‘on way up’ as Mims wins in Eastleigh

New MP Mims Davies and Newly elected Councillor Jerry Hall celebrate

Godfrey Olson, the Leader of Eastleigh Borough Council’s Conservative Group has declared that the party is ‘on the way up’ after Mims Davies became the constituency’s first female MP in the General Election and the Conservatives took two borough council seats. The result in the General Election was as follows: Eastleigh General Election 2015: Party…

Beer, Baccy, Crumpet & Cricket…?


Exclusive.  Eastleigh News has learned that Ray Hall of the Beer Baccy & Crumpet Party is busy forming a Beer, Baccy & Crumpet Cricket Team. Ray’s imaginatively named political party and blue-sky thinking captured the imagination of Eastleigh News readers and amused much of the country during the recent Eastleigh by-election, with Ray Hall trouncing…