Thunderstorm brings disruption to town centre

Cyclist forced onto pavement by Lidl

Cyclist forced onto pavement by Lidl

A sudden thunderstorm brought disruption to central Eastleigh yesterday afternoon.

Virgin broadband users in the town centre with cable modems lost their internet connection for a couple of hours following the lightening storm and Eastleigh’s antiqued and overloaded drainage system showed  once again it was unable to cope with a sudden deluge.

articulated lorry

Swan lake

Flash floods occurred along Southampton road causing cyclists to mount pavements to avoid deep puddles and over flowing gulleys.

While some drivers threaded their way cautiously through the standing water some less considerate motorists, perhaps annoyed at the hold-up insisted on ploughing through puddles at inappropriate speeds soaking pedestrians.

Welcome to Eastleigh

Anti-development campaigners in Eastleigh have recently criticised the council for proposing more housing in the town saying that the drainage and sewage network would be unable to cope.

Pics: Peter Williamson

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