‘Vote with Your Hearts’ urges Labour’s Leo

Leo also believes Transferable Votes are more democratic than tactical ones.

Leo Barraclough the labour Party candidate has reacted to remarks made by Gordon Brown on the Politics.co.uk website suggesting Labour voters should back the Lib Dems in seats where Labour cannot win – a statement which was described as ‘astonishing’ by the towns sitting Lib Dem MP Chris Huhne.

Speaking to Eastleigh News at the Party’s Leigh Road offices, he urged Eastleigh’s electorate to ‘vote with their hearts for policies they can believe in’.

He also revealed his disquiet that labour supporters were already being asked to consider voting tactically.

“Here in Eastleigh we have Liberal Democrats telling people ‘don’t vote labour and that will keep the Tories out’ and I am uneasy with that.”

When asked if there were any circumstances in which the Labour man would stand aside for the sake of the Party, Eastleigh labour Party office were unequivocal regarding their position.

“Our candidate will not stand aside; we will be going after every single vote. The labour Party has good support here in Eastleigh. The only way to ensure a Labour government is not to vote for any other party tactically”.

Despite coming third in the last election the Labour party still polled a respectable 10,000 votes and a 22% share. However Chris Huhne remains the odds on favourite with the Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings close behind.

Canvassing in Eastleigh Market earlier today the Tory PPC dismissed the threat of a potential tactical swing against her saying:

‘People are telling us they don’t want another four years of Gordon Brown. Vote for any party other than Conservative and that’s what you’re going to get.”

Conservatives canvassing in Eastleigh today

In another development local website ‘hedgeendpeople.co.uk’ has reported that English Democrat Candidate Malcolm Moore has withdrawn.

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