Street Party in Eastleigh. Pic: Kieran James

About Eastleigh News

Eastleigh News is a member of the Independent Community News Network (ICNN) and has been reporting on Eastleigh, Hampshire – an area with a population of 130,000* – since 2009.

The site is not run for profit and all contributors are unpaid volunteers.

Up to December 2019 the site has published over 4,000 articles and received millions of pageviews and has 7,500 subscribers. In January 2020 there were 41,000 unique visitors.

Analytics show 85% of visitors to the site are from the UK and that 22% are aged 25 – 35 while 43% are aged 35 – 55.

Please send any material for submission or address enquires to: [email protected]  . Kindly note we will not consider unsolicited advertising, marketing copy or ‘sponsored posts’.  Just articles, press releases or news stories with a strong focus on the immediate Eastleigh area please.

All contributions subject to terms and conditions.

Editorial and Posting Policy

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Guest Posts and ‘sponsored content’

Kindly note we do not accept ‘guest posts’ or ‘sponsored content’ from marketing agencies nor do we sell, buy, swap or share links. We will not publish any content or advertising material that promotes gambling.

Copyright and use of images and materials

All images and articles on Eastleigh News are subject to copyright but are free for non commercial use always provided author names and credits are preserved.

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Right of Reply

You may leave a comment on any story using the comment box at the foot of the post page or you may submit a full post for consideration by emailing it to [email protected].

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Eastleigh News contributors voluntarily agree to abide by the BAJ code of conduct when news gathering and articles are published on this website with reference to the Editors’ Code of Practice . If you believe Eastleigh News to have fallen short of these standards or are concerned by any comments, posts or articles published on this site and wish to make a complaint, full details of our complaints procedure can be found on this page.

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