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Eastleigh News is an independent, not-for-profit, community news website.

Our Ethical policy sets out our values and standards and provides guidelines regarding the way Eastleigh News operates in ethical matters.

The policy focuses on seven key areas as follows:


Eastleigh News values its unpaid volunteer community reporters as a key resource. Good communication, involvement and responsibility, both individually and as a team is of central importance and the personal development and optimum use of contributor talent is encouraged at all times.

Every contributor has an equal opportunity for personal recognition and no form of discrimination or harassment will be tolerated.

Sponsorship and Advertising Partners

Although Eastleigh News is run ‘not for profit’ it is still dependent on donations and advertising sponsorship to cover its running costs and expenses. Where articles have been sponsored they will be clearly marked as sponsored content in line with ASA/CAP guide lines.

Eastleigh News believes that integrity in dealings with any sponsors is a vital for any successful and sustained business. . Personal contact, helpful and responsive action are features of the service we provide to develop long term relations with our sponsors.

We will not tolerate bribery nor will we seek funding from political parties.

Contributors must seek to avoid conflicts of interest and to disclose any that do exist.

Eastleigh News will do all it can to ensure reports are not affected by conflicts of interests.

We will not work with advertisers or marketeers who promote gambling in any form or offer goods or services incompatible with our values as a community news website. This policy includes, but is not limited to, the sale of weapons, recreational drugs, tobacco, alcohol, ‘adult’ dating sites, illegal downloading sites, counterfeit goods or sites that offers unregulated financial products or advice including, but not limited to  ‘get rich quick schemes’ or trading in bitcoin; property; precious metals or foreign exchange.


Eastleigh News is a community news website and we are committed to serving our community in the following ways.

We will seek to recognise, respect, serve, support and celebrate all members of our diverse community in Eastleigh with the aim of fostering a sense of fellowship and belonging among our readers regardless of race, gender, political or religious beliefs.

Eastleigh News will not host any content that is hateful or uses hate speech directed at any individual or group.

We will use our skills and experience to help train and mentor contributors and provide work experience for degree journalism students on attachment.

A community website should reflect the interest of the readership it serves and we will take into account the concerns of the wider community including both national and local interests when selecting our stories.

We will promote local community events and local charities for no charge and host links to their fundraising pages.

We will promote good health in the community by hosting NHS and Public Health advice in the form of advertising and/or articles free of charge.

The Environment

Eastleigh News is concerned with the conservation of the environment. As an online news source we are opposed to production and sale of newsprint. We will work towards raising awareness of environmental issues and we promote and support the work of local environmental groups with a view to building a community consensus on environmental matters.

We will pay particular attention to environmental issues including the conservation of energy and natural resources, control of noise levels, recycling of waste material and the utilisation of non-polluting technology including transportation.

Human Rights

Eastleigh News is committed to the prevention of any violation of established Human Rights of any kind, particularly where child labour or undesirable forced acts are involved.

Fact Checking

Eastleigh News strives to be accurate, fair and balanced in our reporting.

Complaints, Corrections

We take complaints seriously and have a complaints and correction policy which can be accessed here. As a member publication of Independent Community News Network (ICNN) Eastleigh News agrees to be bound by The Editors Code of Practice.

Details of our Complaints and Corrections policy and procedure can be found here

This policy is effective from 15 May 2021.


Stephen Slominski
Site Administrator
Eastleigh News