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Mayor and Deputy quit Lib Dems over Local Plan


Eastleigh’s Mayor and Deputy Mayor have both quit the council’s ruling Liberal Democrat Group over Local Plan concerns. The Mayor, Councillor Maureen Sollitt and her deputy Cllr Chris Thomas have joined three other rebel councillors who form the  Independent Liberal Democratic group led by Cllr Steve Sollitt – the Mayor’s son. The move means that…

When 12 become 4

pp scrutinyb

Only 4 out of the 12 Councillors expected to attend  a meeting of the Policy and Performance Scrutiny Panel scheduled for Wednesday (January  11) actually turned up on the night. The Chair, Cllr Pamela Holden-Brown, was joined by Cllr’s Grejewski, Mignot and Sullivan while Vice Chair Tonia Craig, along with Cllr’s Cross, Noyce, M Sollitt,…