Torys gain extra seat

Eastleigh’s Conservatives have gained an extra seat as Joyce Sortwell, Independent Councillor for West End South has ‘walked the floor’ to join the minority four man group.

Councillor Sortwell was orginally elected to West End South in 2006 as a Liberal Democrat and was also Chairwoman of the Borough Standards Committee but lost the support of the Lib Dems in November after she voted with the Conservatives. At the time Councillor Sortwell said that she was prepared to serve out her time as an independent.

Recently on the BBC Politics show Winchester Lib Dem MP Mark Oaten revealed how he had been tempted to think about joining the Conservative Party.

Eastleigh Borough Council now has:

37 Liberal Democrat councillors

5  Conservative

2  Labour

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  1. Peter Stewart
    February 17, 2010 at 9:04 am

    Seems to me a comparison with insects is in order here. Starting with the adult, the next stage is the egg, which develops into a wriggler or larva, then into a chrysalis, then finally back into an adult. Although at each stage of its life cycle the insect APPEARS different, in reality it is always the same insect.
    It is remarkable how many Tories undergo the same sort of political metamorphosis in their desperation to reconcile the unreconcilable. I mean get this: It is Tory policy to have the United Kingdom governed by a foreign power! Honest! It’s been that way since 1973 or before. I know, because I was a Tory for 20 years till I began voting UKIP in 1994. I could not reconcile TREASON by shutting my eyes and voting Tory. Labour are just as bad, they are all EU puppet parties. As long as the electorate in its cowardice perpetuates this game of political ping pong between Tory and Labour, British manufacturing jobs will continue to flow out to Euroopean companies, either in Europe or anywhere else in the world where these EU GLOBALISTS can exploit their cheap labour at our workers’ expense. It bloody well sickens me!

  2. Peter Stewart
    February 17, 2010 at 6:49 pm

    I wonder if there are statistics to show whether a politician who crosses the floor stands a better or worse chance of being re-elected!

    • February 18, 2010 at 12:34 am


      This is a great point, I would say that as far as I can tell you stand a very good chance of holding your seat after crossing the floor.. Well, if you cross the floor to the Lib Dem Party anyway.

      Roger Smith (Con) > (Lib Dem)
      Angela Rowling (Lab) > (Lib Dem)
      Maureen Sollitt (Lib Dem) > (Ind) > (Lib Dem)

      I wish Joyce the very best of luck in holding on to her seat and take my hat off to her for her brave move..

      Now, anyone else in the Lib Dems have any morals or back bone.?? I have some spare scissors if anyone wants to cut their Keith House puppet strings..!!

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