Botley SDA scrapped

Eastleigh Borough Council has decided not to go ahead with plans from the last government for a 6000 home strategic development area to the north of Hedge End at a recent Council meeting.

The abolition of the South East Plan by the new coalition government means that the Council does not have to take forward a proposal for the Botley ‘Strategic Development Area’.  Following the decision at Council on 22 July it will now not feature in the Council’s future plans for the borough.

The development had been a major source of contention during the May general election campaign which saw the Conservative candidate Maria Hutchings repeatedly accuse the Eastleigh Liberal Democrat council of promoting the plan.

The news was welcomed by the Botley Parish Action group on their Website – the group had campaigned long and hard against the proposals.

Council Leader Keith House says “The Council has repeatedly said it would not support plans that reduce the quality of life for local communities.  He added “We have always wanted to maintain the green gaps between our villages and we wanted to move fast to ‘kill off’ plans for the 6000 homes – which we have now done.”

Eastleigh council says that it will continue to work with the Partnership for South Hampshire (PUSH) to ensure that the future housing needs of local residents are met. The Council will now look to work closely with local people to consider options for the location of new housing across the borough.

The decision to kill off the SDA coincides with the announcement of a new government scheme called the ‘New Home Bonus’. The Scheme will make council tax related bonus payment to councils for every home for which they agree planning consent.

The housing list in Eastleigh currently shows there is a demand for at least another low cost 5000 homes in the area.

The late American comedian was noted for his forthright views on homelessness and anti housing campaigners. Here is his humorous take on the subject.

Warning! Robust language and hand gestures – adults only!