Fair Oak teens face drinking crackdown


Police in Fair Oak are cracking down on teenage drinking after residents discovered evidence that after hours activities at the Youth Activity Centre on Blackberry Drive appeared to include drinking, smoking, graffiti, causing litter and busting up picnic tables.

Last weekend , residents visiting the  Youth Centre  found that local teens appeared to be not using the £70,000 multi use games area recently built for them in favour of using the outdoor patio area as a Pub instead.

They reported the entire area was strewn with rubbish and litter including empty beer cans, fag packets, wine and vodka bottles while discarded plastic bags from local supermarkets were flapped around the site like tumbleweed.


There was also evidence that youngsters had been clambering over the 20 inch soil bank designed to screen out noise from nearby housing in order to smoke and drink unseen – which would explain why residents are still complaining about noise levels.

A picnic table had also been completely destroyed and thrown on top of the hedge which borders Fair Oak Road.

picnic table

Vandalised Picnic table thrown 10ft up onto hedge

Sergeant Chris Spellerberg of the Eastleigh Safer Neighbourhoods Team described the behaviour as “very disappointing” and promised to step up patrols and to speak to local off-sales outlets.

Accordingly, last night residents reported there was an increased police presence in Fair Oak and officers tweeted that youths had been stopped and drink confiscated – showing that tough action is already being taken.

As a  couple of local residents cleared away the littered drink containers from outside the Youth centre one said:

“This just goes to shows you the mentality of young people these days.”

“Don’t they realise they could of earned £1.60 in Clubcard tokens if only they’d recycled these cans at Tesco?”


The £70,000 play area

  3 comments for “Fair Oak teens face drinking crackdown

  1. Matthew Myatt
    October 2, 2011 at 9:16 am

    The little scamps.

  2. Peter Stewart
    October 2, 2011 at 7:57 pm

    Could be worse! They could be smashing up street lights or vandalizing residents’ shrubs or letting of thunderflashes etc.

  3. October 3, 2011 at 3:11 pm

    Some things never change, except perhaps the location of where the kids consume the drink.

    This problem has blighted the area for many years. I used to coach kids and youth football and found that once they got into the senior school age range, there were discernable changes with some kids, not all thankfully.

    Education starts in the home. For some, it starts in the pub or club where the kids see the grown ups drinking and therefore think its right for them to drink.

    Another time that caused me concern is the school prom where copius amounts of booze were consumed where it was seen as a rite of passage to get drunk. Reaching the 18th birthday also witnessed great amounts of booze consumed because they were now 18 yrs old.

    Over the years I have seen good kids go off the rails thanks to booze. I’ve seen them do things that they dont remember doing. I have also had one good friend of mine from the army days commit murder because he was 17 and drunk and didnt recall a thing. To date, he has stayed teetotal.

    This is a serious age old problem that all parents should be aware of and should be proactive and supportive of efforts of the authorities.

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