‘Game over’ for Game?

Game Eastleigh

Game in the Swan Centre yesterday on another 'record footfall' day.

Another retailer in the Eastleigh flag ship swan centre is reported to be struggling.

Game, part of a 600 strong chain of  video game stores that employ an average of 10 staff per store – have announced suppliers are refusing them stock amid concerns over the groups credit worthiness.

The company is locked in negotiations with suppliers and lenders – understood to include tax-payer owned RBS bank -but it is believed administration is a real possibility.

Recently the Peacock clothing stores went into administration although the Eastleigh branch was bought out by Edinburgh Woollen Mill and will continue to trade.

A recent trend has been for buyers for distressed business to come forward only after the take-over target had gone into administration to avoid shareholder and pension obligations.

Gaming websites were advising people who had points on Loyalty cards and gifts vouchers to redeem them as soon as they could.

If Games go bust it will be the biggest store failure since Woolworths.

Eastleigh’s branch of Game in the Swan Centre is close to empty units previously occupied by failed businesses Adams kids clothing store and Priceless shoes – who went bust in January.

Meanwhile home and garden wares retailer Robert Dyas – who have a large unit in the Swan Centre -have recently closed stores in Southampton and Bournemouth after announcing they would be concentrating on stores in the greater London area.

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