Eric slates Lib Dem Council Tax plans

Singing in the Rain: Eric & Maria today

Singing in the Rain: Eric & Maria today


Eric Pickles has warned the people of Eastleigh not to vote for a Liberal Democrat who could hold David Cameron back from doing the right thing for hard-working families in Britain.

Responding to questions from the media about reported Liberal Democrat plans for higher council tax bands, the Communities Secretary said:

‘The people of Eastleigh will know that any plans to introduce new, higher council tax bands will mean a tax hike on family homes across the constituency.

‘The introduction of new bands would mean an expensive and intrusive revaluation of every home in the constituency and higher council tax for any family home which has undertaken home improvements. That means anybody who has worked hard and saved so that they can build an extension or a conservatory would be punished with higher local taxes.

‘After 13 years of Labour’s hikes the last thing hard-working people want is higher council tax. Conservatives are proud that David Cameron has delivered on our 2010 election pledge to help local authorities freeze council tax for two years. This has given families and pensioners real help with the cost of living.

‘I would urge the people of Eastleigh to vote for Maria Hutchings so they get an MP who will support David Cameron’s vision for an aspiration nation’

Maria Hutchings, Conservative Party Candidate for Eastleigh, said:

‘The Liberal Democrats’ plans would mean higher council tax bills for hardworking families. These are exactly the sort of people that David Cameron is backing.

‘As the MP for Eastleigh I would support Conservative plans to keep council tax down and get behind those people who want to work hard and do the right thing’

Note original headline supplied: 

“Pickles: Lib Dem plans on council tax would mean higher bills for family homes‏”

The Lib Dem’s have responded as follows:

“The Liberal Democrats in Eastleigh have cut council tax in real terms, every year for the past 10 years. While we have been helping ease pressure on family budgets, the Conservatives have been wasting £233,000 on broadcasting their council meetings on the internet and spending £43 million on their new offices.

“Liberal Democrats are campaigning for fairer taxes. As it’s simply not fair that an Oligarch in a £20m mansion pays less in council tax than someone living in the average family home in Eastleigh, but seems as if Eric Pickles seems to think that’s ok”




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