Huhne to resign after guilty plea

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Huhne on Bike photo: DECC

Chris Huhne has sensationally announced he is to resign as Eastleigh’s MP after pleading guilty to the charge of perverting the course of justice which he faces alongside his former wife Vicky Pryce.

This means there will now be a by-election in Eastleigh to elect a new Member of Parliament.

The Lib Dem – a former Cabinet Secretary – was once a contender for the Liberal Democrat leadership and one of the architects of the current Lib Dem/Conservative Coalition government.

Lib Dem Party Leader Nick Clegg had only recently described him as one of the parties ‘big beasts’.

The allegations that his ex-wife had taken speeding points on his behalf first emerged in 2011 and Mr Huhne had always strongly protested his innocence.

He pleaded ‘not guilty’ last week but this morning changed his plea.

Soon after he made a short statement to the press from the steps of Southwark Crown Court saying that he had pleaded guilty to offences which had occurred 10 years ago and would be resigning as MP for Eastleigh.

The trial of Vicky Pryce, who is pleading not guilty on the grounds of marital coercion, is ongoing and still subject to reporting restrictions.

Previous politicians  who have been found guilty of perverting the course of justice include Johnathan Aitken who got 18 months – and served seven – and Lord Archer who got four years and only served two but both had also been found guilty of perjury along with the perversion charges.

The Judge has granted the defendants bail, warning Mr Huhne he should be under ‘no illusion’ as to the kind of sentence he could expect.


A happy Chris Huhne on Town Bandstand last month

A happy Chris Huhne on Town Bandstand in November

There is speculation that Ukip’s high profile party leader Nigel Farage may contest the seat – according to the BBC he is said to be mulling it over.

Eastleigh Ukip have refused to comment and are directing all enquires to their central office.

Mr Farage previously contested Eastleigh during the 1994 by-election and refused to rule it out when asked by Eastleigh News last year following a public meeting at the town’s Railway Institute.

Mr Huhne is a wealthy man with several properties although may seem his political career is over for the time being he has had previous successful career in economics, finance and journalism.

crescent chris huhne

Eastleigh’s disappearing Lib Dems. Two councillors and an MP – all resigned.

The development comes at a bad time for the local Lib Dem party who defending seats in May’s County Council elections.

Mr Huhne’s last major public appearance in the constituency was in November when he took part in a parade through the Town before switching on the Christmas lights.

Little did we realise as he waved at us from the bandstand it was to bid us a farewell.


  6 comments for “Huhne to resign after guilty plea

  1. February 4, 2013 at 3:33 pm

    Shocked at the news that dispite trying to gag a free press from reporting this torid deception and lie, Mr Huhne, a former journalist, has let down not only the people of Eastleigh and father christmas, but has brought more shame on our whole political process in the UK.

    I can not see anyway that good honest Eastleigh folk will ever trust or vote Fib Dem ever again. O, hold on.!! What am i talking about, this is Eastleigh after all.

  2. rigel
    February 4, 2013 at 4:43 pm

    Well here we are guys , we have been handed the best opportunity for peaceful revolt the country has seen in years – a by-election with all 3 main parties disgraced and important local issues on the brink – what are we going to do ? someone has given us a loaded canon and a match it seems, will 50% of Eastleigh be sitting on thier ass election night or will they be sending a cannonball into westminster ?

    can we all meet up, find common ground and find a candidate ?

  3. February 4, 2013 at 6:36 pm

    Agree with Matthew, that Huhne’s U-Turn further damages the reputation of our elected representatives and our political processes.

    Surely can’t help Eastleigh Lib Dems either…?

    Pity we haven’t got any Borough elections this year…!

  4. Stuart Jebbitt
    February 4, 2013 at 7:13 pm

    I feel sorry for the children, with both parents facing jail…
    Personally, I think it’s a total waste of public money sending either of them to prison, on the basis of a speed camera deception that, truth be told, thousands of other couples have probably successfully used to save a spouses licence. all that is needed is for the DVLA to give them a 10 year driving band each. Much cheaper for us taxpayers.

  5. Peter Stewart
    February 4, 2013 at 8:20 pm

    Rigel is right. We’ve been handed the best opportunity for peaceful revolt in years.

    He says that all three main parties are disgraced and that we have been given a loaded cannon and a match and asks if we shall be sending a cannon ball into Westminster or sitting on our asses on election day.

    Well I for one will be sending a cannon ball!

  6. rigel
    February 4, 2013 at 11:21 pm

    Stuart , don’t worry no judge would send both parents to jail , neither will go to jail probably – that’s why the change of plea , the lawyers were ‘lets front it out and try and bluff’ but as soon as a jury was sworn in he had to come clean or he would have gone to jail , it is very common in courts.

    it’s not the getting his wife to take the points, it’s the speeding but being unable to admit that speed cameras are shit etc like the rest of us , speed cameras are little tax boxes that breed fear and contempt in society , he was probably driving a big modern car with shit hot brakes, he was not a threat to anyone , 70mph is a stupid rule in many cases but even an MP cannot go to court and say it’s bullshit because he is even more fearful than the common man.

    Our leaders are so separated from the reality of modern life they live in a bubble of spin and it means no truth is told, most are yes men who go along to get along,…….because of that , horrible crooked decisions are made in parliament that subtract from our future and render millions ignorant or starving or hopeless.

    he is a coward who cared more about his career than the institution he was privileged to be part of – next stop Huhne Top Gear !

    we are in a political and economic dreamtime and Eastleigh can be the haunted house –

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