UKIP demand Huhne hand back severance pay

Chris Huhne last month laughing off suggestions of an electoral pact


Ukip’s  Eastleigh spokesman Ray Finch has called on disgraced MP Chris Huhne to hand back the £17000 he received when he stepped down as Energy Secretary to fight charges he has finally pleaded guilty to.


The money amounts to three months ministerial salary and was not an automatic payment but one Mr Huhne would have to have applied for.

Ray Finch, who was Ukip’s candidate in Eastleigh in the2010 General election said:

“It’s morally repugnant that he applied for yet more of tax payers’ money when he knew he was guilty of the charges” said Mr Finch.

“He has already cost hundreds of thousands of pounds in time and legal costs by denying these allegations and at the same time was collecting his not inconsiderable salary for being an MP.

“The very least he can do is to pay the money back or donate it to a charitable cause in Eastleigh.

“Come the by election I hope the voters remember that it was a Liberal Democrat who openly lied to them for years” he added.

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  1. Matthew (Honest) Myatt. PPC for Eastleigh.??
    February 5, 2013 at 10:44 am

    I am not sure what Ray is so shocked about. The Fib Dems have been openly lying to the residents of Eastleigh for over a decade, yet they keep on voting the Fib Dems back into office.

    Thats the real SHOCK.!!

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