Huhne goes home

Eastleigh’s former MP Chris Huhne has been released from prison after serving just eight weeks of an eight month sentence.

Huhne, a former Secretary of State, will continue to serve his sentence under a ‘Home Detention Curfew” order though it would appear that home for Chris Huhne is in London – and not Eastleigh as he had maintained it was during his 2010 election campaign.

During the lengthy pre-trial period Mr Huhne had strongly protested his innocence and continued to represent the town in Parliament – even switching on the towns Christmas lights in the company of local Paralympian hero David Knot – but at the last minute changed to plea to guilty, admitting to channel 4 news that he had “lied and lied again”.

One Newtown resident 56, who had voted for Mr Huhne – and was too ashamed to reveal his identity – reacted angrily to the news:

“Chris Huhne lied and lied again. He should have got four years for all the lies he told.

“He cheated on his missus and cheated on the electorate.

“I thought I had voted for a conviction politician but sadly, in the end, it turned out the only convictions he had were the ones on his driving licence.”


Downfall: How Eastleigh News has seen Chris Huhne:

Saint Christopher Huhne

2009- St Christopher carrying  Nick Clegg

supehuhne: Chris Huhne as Superman

2010 – Emphatic election win for Superhuhne


2013 – Prisoner in Cell Block ‘H’