Zombies invade Swan Centre

An unsuspecting audience of film buffs enjoying a screening of Zombie horror classic ‘Dawn of the Dead’ were surprised by a crowd of flesh eating zombies who suddenly emerged form the darkened shopping mall as the closing titles rolled.

There were shrieks and yells at the Swan Centre as people jumped out of the way of the marauding ‘zombies’ played by members of the youth company at The Point arts centre.

The sell out screening was the finale to Eastleigh’s first film festival which had featured shows at quirky venues in the town centre – including the AMF Bowling alley and Italian restaurant La Fenice. Dawn of the Dead is set in a deserted shopping mall so the Swan Centre after hours was the perfect setting for the zombie cult flick.

In addition to the special film events during the week-long festival there were also workshops and an industry day for local and national film producers who attended a series of seminars on various aspects of funding, shooting and promoting movies.

The week had been largely funded by the ‘recreate’ project –  an EU initiative to encourage closer cultural ties in the’ Channel’ region of local government authorities in Southern England and Northern France and to promote economic growth through creative industries.

The festival director Crispian Cook, told Eastleigh News that the positive audience feedback and sell out performances proved the festival would be viable even without EU support and would be back again next year to delight audiences