Warning after E-Cigarette sparks Botley blaze


E-cigs can be hazardous ©pond5/Diego_cervo




A Botley family escaped from a fire in their home after an e-cigarette exploded after being plugged into an unsuitable charger.

This recent incident, in which thankfully no-one was injured, is the latest in a string of incidents in the UK involving the use of cheap or inappropriate chargers.

After the 999 call came in from the family, firefighters from Hightown were quickly mobilised to the fire on Mortimer Road, Botley and once on the scene, entered the house wearing breathing apparatus and extinguished the flames using hose reels and jets.

The fire started in a first floor bedroom and fire investigators have traced the cause back to an e-cigarette which had exploded after being plugged into an unsuitable charger.

Hightown’s Station Manager Malcom Freemantle said:

“Chargers need to be appropriate for the device they are attached to and not all can be transferred between devices. The consequences of using the wrong charger with the wrong device can be devastating and we are extremely relieved that on this occasion no-one was harmed.”

The Service is reminding anyone who uses an e-cigarette to always use the charger that it comes with and to never use other chargers or equipment. The devices should also never be left unattended whilst charging as they are susceptible to overheating.

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