Youngsters tear down Ukip signs

Ukip PPC Patricia Culligan holds up vandalised sign

Ukip PPC Patricia Culligan holds up vandalised sign

A Ukip stakeboard belonging to County Councillor Andy Moore has been vandalised by passing youngsters as other local Ukip activists report similar attacks on their placards.

Last Thursday afternoon two groups of juveniles passing the Tennyson Road property successively uprooted one of th ecoucnillor s two election signs out of his garden hedge and then broke the stake before tossing it aside.

Former Mayor and Eastleigh Ukip Chair Gylnn Davies –Dear who also lives on Tennyson Road says his board was also ripped down and there have been similar attacks reported in Totton and Romsey.

In one incident a former WWII veteran found his board had been daubed with a swastika and an Adolf Hitler style moustache had been drawn onto the image of Romsey Ukip candidate Sandra James.

Andy Moore said it was ‘terrible’ for people to deface their boards with Nazi symbols.

“We are not fascists or homophobic, or anything like that.”

Ukip’s Candidate in Eastleigh Patricia Culligan said it made her “feel sick inside’ that Ukip should be compared to the Nazi’s.

 “It’s such an insult.

We all know what that (Nazism) was about and it could not be further from the truth about Ukip’s message. I feel sorry for anybody who is so misinformed to think it is relevant.We are trying to get rid of big block government that we have no say in.

To be compared to an organisation that was purely evil, hurts.

It’s not just a random attack it’s about young people having the wrong message about Ukip.All we care about is having a relationship with the EU so we can admit numbers of people from the whole world of all ages so that we can provide services and jobs for everybody.

For young people that really matters because that’s the age group that suffers most from the disparities in society and from sharing opportunities and from wage compression and less chance of getting into colleges or apprenticeships.

They are ones getting all the competition more than any other group in society from too many new people coming in”

Young people should be the best supporters of Ukip and I think if they knew what we were really about, they would be.”

The vandalism to Cllr Moore’s stakeboard was captured on CCTV and police have been informed.

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