Fire Service faces up to cuts with Tech

Hampshire fire chiefs are proposing to cut jobs in the county’s Fire and Rescue Service over the next few years.

The proposals come in a report to be discussed by Hampshire Fire and Rescue Authority next week.

New technology like an advanced high pressure water jet that can cut through steel is part of the new fire-fighting equipment that will be introduced across the 51 stations in Hampshire. This technology means that there could be fewer firefighters needed.

Plans are to lose up to 60 full time posts, though there will be no enforced redundancies and no stations in Hampshire will be closing.

Eastleigh Fire Station will continue to maintain 36 immediate response fire fighters while Botley and Hamble will each be staffed by 8 full time equivalent posts, saving £24,000 each.

The plans will also see traditional four-manned appliances replaced by two-man vans which would be deployed to smaller incidents.

Nigel McCullen, chair of the Hampshire Fire Brigade Union warned yesterday

“We are now cutting down to the bone whereby public safety will be compromised.”

But Dave Curry, Chief Officer of Hampshire Fire and Rescue said he is very proud of Hampshire’s Fire and Rescue Service, and although it could be suggested that new technology is a way to “get rid of firefighters” he said that he wants “the most effective Fire and Rescue Service for Hampshire.”

The proposals will be decided on next week.

High pressure water lance can punch its way through steel

High pressure water lance can punch its way through steel

  3 comments for “Fire Service faces up to cuts with Tech

  1. February 19, 2016 at 1:18 am

    Interesting technology if you happen to live in house made from 5mm thick steel but if my wood and brick home catches fire I would hope that a more traditional approach to firefighting would be employed incorporating a fire engine with enough firefights to deal with my emergency. A man, his mate and a red ford transit does not reassure me.

    • Sue
      February 19, 2016 at 5:53 pm

      it would be dangerous to occupants to use that high pressure hose on a house fire. If that vehicle is sent because a traditional ladder one not available (many are being replaced with the new engine) then a rescue would probably not be possible. Another issue is that any rescue requires more than two fire fighters. So anything that turns up with fewer than four fire fighters wont be able to get you out of a burning building.

  2. Sue
    February 19, 2016 at 6:01 pm

    These govt enforced cuts are, according to all fire fighters I have heard speaking at various meetings re this, very dangerous to public safety. Avoidable deaths and serious injuries will happen more frequently than they do now. Having heard what everyone had to say at two public meetings I am convinced of this. My question is how far are we going to let our services be slashed and burned (excuse the pun!) by this govt? As “the public” we are losing everything which helps to maintain our quality of life in our communities —— cuts to fire service, police, social services, libraries, day centres, lollipop people (!) and so on. When on earth are we going to say no?!

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