Mims gets the needle

MimsFluJab 031117

Eastleigh pharmacist Manjeer Pahal keeping MP flu free

Eastleigh MP Mims Davies is urging Eastleigh folk to get a flu jab so they can stay well this winter.

Davies was vaccinated at a town centre pharmacy at the weekend. The injection is available to everybody and is free from GP surgeries for people who are over 65 , or who care for elderly  people or for people of any age who have certain illnesses.

GPs can also vaccinate young children for free by using a nasal spray.

For those who aren’t entitled to free jab most local pharmacies – like Wainwrights in Riverside Bishopstoke, offer protection at a very low cost – typically around a tenner.

Community pharmacies like Wainwrights at Riverside, Bishopstoke also offer free jabs on the NHS.

Mims said:

 “Now winter is coming, I strongly encourage everyone to get their free flu jab on the NHS if they are eligible, but for those who aren’t, please consider going to your local pharmacy to pay for one.

“This is not just something you would be doing for yourself but it also protects you from passing anything on to vulnerable adults and children.

“Personally, I have started to make this a regular annual event.  This in turn will mean fewer GP and hospital visits leading to fewer lost days at work or at school for children. It is very cost effective”