Green party MEP backs Farage call for 2nd referendum



The Green Party’s Keith Taylor has backed his fellow South East MEP Nigel Farage after the former Ukip leader suggested he could support a second ‘ratification’ referendum on EU membership.

Speaking on C5 ‘Wright Stuff’ show this morning  ‘Brexit Bad Boy’ Farage said a fresh vote could;

“Kill (the Remain campaign) off for a generation. The percentage that would vote to leave next time would be very much bigger than it was last time round”

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Keith Taylor “Farage finally talking sense”

In a press release Keith Taylor said:

“It’s not something I thought I would ever say, but I’m happy to see Nigel Farage finally talking some sense on Brexit.

“A ratification referendum is essential; the 23rd of June 2016 was supposed to be the start of a democratic process, it is only right the British people should have the final say on any Brexit deal.

“If the British public, upon seeing yet more Brexit lies unravel, want to change their mind then they have the democratic right to do so, as Nigel rightly recognises. Greens were the first party to support a ratification referendum with remaining a member of the EU an option on the ballot – I’m happy to see politicians from all sides of the political divide now supporting our call.”