Mims: ‘Let’s be bloody difficult’

Eastleigh MP Mims Davies has marked International Women’s Day by calling for ‘the empowerment of local women’ saying “the time is now.Let’s be bloody difficult”.

Davies, who is Eastleigh’s first female MP and has served on both the Women and Equalities Select Committee and has chaired the All Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Parliament, said in a press release:

Throughout my time as Eastleigh MP, I’ve met some truly inspirational women and girls– from the business owners I visited on Small Business Saturday, to the winners and nominees at the first Hampshire Women Awards in November.

I hope I’ll be able to nurture some local female talent through my new mentoring scheme with Lloyds Banking Group, which is specifically designed to equipment one of my younger constituents with the business and politics know-how for today’s modern economy.

Some may talk about “bloody difficult women” but really our female leaders in both Westminster and across Eastleigh are an ambitious, determined, driven community of strong-minded individuals, who are looking to make a difference in the world. If that’s being “bloody difficult” then let’s all be bloody difficult.

In 2016, during an unguarded moment, former Conservative Chancellor Ken Clarke was recorded using the term ‘bloody difficult woman’ to describe Prime Minister Theresa May – a nickname that has stuck.