Mims: I backed May to stop Corbyn

Eastleigh MP  Mims Davies says she voted to support the government in tonights parliamentary vote of no confidence in order to stop Jeremy Corbyn forming a Labour government with the help of the Liberal Democrats and the SNP.

Following a defeat of their Brexit withdrawal agreement the government won the vote of no confidence by 19 votes.

Ms Davies – who is a Government Minister and supported leave during the 2016 referendum campaign –  had called on MPs to be pragmatic and continue to work towards securing a deal that protects local jobs while respecting the result of the EU referendum.

In a pre-vote press release Ms Davies had said:

“Tonight MPs will go through the House of Commons Lobby, either choosing the path of a General Election and risking a chaotic coalition in which the Liberal Democrats and SNP could prop up Jeremy Corbyn, place him in Number 10 and thwart Brexit, or ensure that the Prime Minister and the Government can continue to build on our achievements and deliver Brexit.

“As Eastleigh’s MP I have listened carefully to local people, and having done so know that they do not want a General Election, and absolutely don’t want to see Jeremy Corbyn taking the keys to Number 10. Therefore, I will be supporting the Government in this evening’s vote.”

The MP was also sharply critical of Liberal Democrat leader Sir Vince Cable who also signed the Labour leaders motion saying he had no confidence in a Conservative government ‘in meltdown’.

Comparing Eastleigh Lib Dems borrowing to Labour party tax  and spend plans  Davies said:

“I would also ask whether the Lib Dem’s in Eastleigh support the position of their Party’s Leader and hand Jeremy Corbyn the keys to Number 10. The local Lib Dems have already demonstrated that they support higher borrowing as they continue to saddle us with debt, but would they also support Labour policies of more taxes and fewer jobs?”

The Leader of Eastleigh’s Lib Dem ruling party, Cllr Keith House told Eastliegh News:

“It is a shame Mims Davies is only interested in criticising other political parties rather than trying to find a solution for the Brexit mess the country is in.

Will she now trust the people with a People’s Vote, to settle Brexit once and for all?”

Responding for Eastleigh Labour Party, Josh Constable said:

“Mims Davies, like all Conservatives, is running scared of losing an election.

They are running scared of their legacy; of 14 million people and 4.5 million children living in abject poverty, economic stagnation, massively increasing national debt and international embarrassment being exposed before the people at the ballot box.”