Power woes continue…

Market Street

Businesses in Eastleigh face ongoing disruption to their trade in a knock on effect from recent power cuts. Following Chris Huhne’s stinging rebuke to Scottish & Southern Energy over the trading losses suffered by 26 premises in the Town Centre, the energy supplier has been attempting to locate and repair the source of the problem in the local electricity network.

However the repair work has itself started causing problems as three vanloads of engineers and equipment opened up a trench in Market St.

Staff at Burtons Menswear complained how although they had avoided the power cuts they were now experiencing loss of trade as the trench was directly outside their shop.

“The noise of the drilling has been horrendous” explained one “they still don’t know what the problem is, we have been told it could go on for weeks”

By Six o’clock in the evening the work was still continuing under the glare of floodlights with workmen extending the trench along the west side of Market Street.

Broken conduit

Not looking too good then...

Do you think that Eastleigh Businesses should be compensated for loss of trade?