Gang rob man in Hamble


Hamble: Roberry a rare occurance say Police

A 23 year-old Essex man was robbed £120 after he was surroned by a group of youths in Hamble last Sunday night.

The victim was  along Wells Place at about 8:10pm on his way back to the boat he is working on after a visit  to the pub when the robbery happened.

He was initially asked for a light by the group of about six youths who then went on to attack him. He suffered bruising in the attack.

The victim is only able to describe one suspect as  being of mixed race, no older than 18 years, 6’0″ tall, average build, short dark hair, clean shaven, wearing a light grey hoody with the word “ECKO” on the front,

Officers are interested in hearing from anyone who was in the area at about the time and may have seen a group of youths or the male described by the victim or form anyone who knows who it could have been.

Police have described this kind of incident as a rare occurrence in Hamble.

Any one with  information is asked to contact DC Anthony Daniels at Eastleigh Police Station  on 101 or  to call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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  1 comment for “Gang rob man in Hamble

  1. Peter Stewart
    May 26, 2012 at 7:42 am

    One small step for Britain, but one giant leap for Hamble.

    This is happening increasingly across Britain. The reason: There is no punishment to fit the crime.

    In addition we face long term systematic sabotage by central government (make your own mind up whether that resides in Brussels or London) of our police service. This has taken the form of deliberate police underfunding resulting in stations having to shut at night like local convenience stores. Also we have endured the removal of police on the beat. All this is a recipe for lawlessness, which is exactly what you are beginning to see in Hamble.

    The British people have gone soft. Next they go rotten just like their leaders. The remedy is to bring back the death penalty for cold blooded murder. Without that, all penalties are devalued to worthlessness.

    For this sort of offence (robbery) the punishment should be 14 years in prison with time off for good behaviour. For armed robbery the death penalty should be available. Watch the robbery rate plummets after THAT! For “problem” thugs, I would bring back the birch.

    We’ve been conditioned by the post war softies and do gooders. They really got going in the 1960s. That’s about 50 years of rot to undo but it can be done. Britain CAN be great again.

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