Ovington Rd blaze suspected arson

Detectives at Eastleigh are appealing for information following a suspected arson in block of flats.
At about 7.30pm Monday, February 11, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service called police to a burning block of 15 flats in Ovington Road, Eastleigh.
All but one of the flats had been vacated because of redevelopment plans.  One flat remains occupied, but the tenants were out at the time of the blaze.
The fire service contained the blaze to one flat.
A witness reported seeing two youths run from the scene in the direction of Cheriton Road.  Both were white, aged 18 to 20, slim and 5ft 5 -6ins tall.
One wore a woollen beanie and the other a woollen baseball cap.  Both wore dark waterproof jackets, and one wore dark waterproof trousers, elasticised at the ankles.
Detectives want to hear from the boys.  “It could be that they were running for a reason other than fleeing from the block of flats,” said Detective Constable Claire Reynolds.  “If so, we can eliminate them from our enquiries.”
Police also want to hear from anyone else who saw the boys or who knows their identities.  Anyone with information should contact DC Reynolds at Eastleigh CID on 101.
DC Reynolds said police are concerned about other fires in derelict Eastleigh flats.
“There was a fire in a black of flats on Mansbridge Road in late December in similar circumstances.  We are concerned that people are entering and starting fires in what they believe to be vacant or derelict buildings, when, in fact, people still are living in some of the flats.
“Such actions cause a significant danger to life.”