Save our Spitfires!

Achtung Spitfeur!!

Replica of Spitfire Prototype K5054 on Eastleigh Rec

Eastleigh MP Chris Huhne today urged the town’s residents to help save the Spitfires of the Battle of Britain Flight from defence budget cuts. Following claims in the Daily Mail that the veteran Spitfires and Hurricanes were in danger of the axe Mr Huhne said that the flight was “a crucial link to the most glorious episode in the RAF’s history” and was particularly important to Eastleigh because of its association with the Spitfire.

Writing on his website the Lib Dem MP urged people to sign the 10 Downing Street petition to make clear the strength of feeling on this issue.

However the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight refuted the Daily Mail story stating:

“Air Command have advised us that the potential demise of the BBMF as a cost saving measure is untrue. There is no plan to cut any funding from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight.”

On his website Chris Huhne also revealed that his grandfather had served both in the Royal Flying Corps and the RAF and had been awarded an M.C and the Distinguished Flying Cross.


The real thing at Eastleigh Airfield. Pirelli Chimney in distance.

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  1. January 26, 2010 at 2:27 am

    What really cooks my goose about this story is not the fact that our Eastleigh MP has been taken in by a rather silly and unfounded story in the Daily Mail, no what does it for me is his so called concern for our heritage.

    Now, in the last two years we have had major community issues within the Borough of Eastleigh that have affected OUR heritage, yet where was his voice when his barmy Lib Dem friends were renaming a National War Memorial?? Where was his voice when a historic ceremonial tree, planted in the name of peace during the wars, was cut down by his barmy Lib Dem friends to make way for a 3 million pound dancing room?? Where was his voice when his barmy Lib Dem friends closed the golf course?? Where was his voice when his barmy Lib Dem friends destroyed the Allotments?? Where was his voice when his barmy Lib Dem friends allowed the bins in Eastleigh Borough to spill out onto the payments after Christmas?? Where was his voice when a local well supported and loved business was shut down by his barmy Lib Dem friends because it conflicted with the Lib Dem council’s QANGO at The Point.??

    Chris, stop worrying about nonexistent issues that are nothing more than ‘Good Media Copy’ to sell newspapers and concern yourself with real issues that are happening in our community that you were elected to represent the people of and speak out against the crazy Lib Dem Council that is making YOUR constituents lives a total misery.!!

    Now if he started a petition on this issue I am sure he would have a flurry of people willing to support it.!!

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